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Ms. Beate Gminder  

The Project on Integrated Maritime Policy in the Mediterranean (IMP-MED Project) is an EU-funded project which has as its main goal an improved governance of marine and maritime affairs in the Mediterranean Sea basin.

The project is designed for Southern partner countries participating in the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and should help their respective authorities to address various issues within the maritime area. It started in 2010 (initially for a duration of 2 years) and it has been extended up to November 2014.

The Project aims to raise awareness, knowledge and application of integrated maritime policy (IMP) and its tools in the region and to promote a more integrated and co-ordinated approach to policies impacting on the sea and the coasts in each of the partner countries.


It should additionally encourage structured dialogue, networking, exchange of best practices and further co-operation on marine and maritime affairs across borders at regional level with particular focus on sustainable maritime growth and creation of jobs, environmental sustainability and a safer and more secure maritime space.

It should also support the implementation of the existing marine and maritime international agreements and conventions and increase awareness concerning the existing funding possibilities for respective actions.

Finally, the project should deliver first tangible results at regional level in the field of maritime cooperation in the Mediterranean i.e. the launch of a Virtual Knowledge Centre on marine and maritime affairs, the identification of blue growth areas and opportunities etc.

Over the last three years the key experts of the project, with years-long experience in maritime affairs, provided valuable assistance to the process at national and regional level. The Work Plans [for Phase I (2010-2012) and Phase II (2012-2014)], which are also published on this website, set out the objectives, project working approach and expected results and form the basis for the implementation of this project until November 2014.

The progress on planned actions at national and regional levels but also the most recent news from maritime affairs are presented and will continue be presented here. I would therefore like to encourage you to return regularly to update your knowledge.

I hope you will welcome the restructuring of the website which provides general information concerning the IMP and related topics, as well as the project and its progress. The website is therefore designed for both representatives actively involved in the IMP-MED projects as well as the wider public interested in maritime affairs. I hope that this website will provide you with useful and interesting information. With that, I would like to thank those who either participate or show interest in the IMP-MED project.

Beate Gminder
European Commission
Directorate-General Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
Head of Unit Maritime Policy Mediterranean and Black Sea (MARE/D1)