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Algeria and Integrated Maritime Policy

General presentation: maritime facts

Algeria is the largest country in Africa and also has the longest coastline on the Mediterranean Sea with a total population of 37.1 million.

Algeria’s coastline stretches over 1300 km; it is located between the Gibraltar Strait and Sicily on the maritime road connecting Suez to Gibraltar.

Algerian maritime and coastal challenges

Algeria: Maritime and coastal policies

Outlook on the development of a national and integrated maritime policy

1st country visit

Algeria was visited in late February / early March 2011. The IMP-MED Project team was welcomed by the Ministry of Transport, which organized a series of visits to most of the main maritime central administrations : Ministry of Transport (ports, safety…), Environment (country planning, coastal zones…), Fisheries, Defense (coastguards and maritime affairs…). The project team presented the project and was presented by Algerian counterparts with a review of the national administrative and legal setup.

The visit also initiated interesting discussions on the way to give more importance to maritime issues in Algeria, and to progress towards better co-ordination of sectoral policies and sectoral actions. The “Haut Conseil de la mer”, the “Schéma National d’Aménagement du territoire” and the National Service of Coastguards were put forward as good examples of governance structures, strategic and operational tools which could be used to develop and implement a national integrated maritime policy in Algeria.

2nd country visit

The second country visit to Algeria took place in July 2011, with support of the EU Delegation and with the participation of the EC (DG MARE). A series of meetings were organized with central administrations (transport, fisheries, environment) and agencies (Commissariat National du Littoral) which allowed a better understanding of the country’s administrative and legal “toolbox”, and exchanges on the various ways of building on this favorable context to develop the national policy. The national coastguard service was presented to the projevt team and delegation as an interesting example of integrated operational tool designed to contribute to all maritime policies, whatever the ministry concerned.

There was strong support for the idea of organizing a national IMP workshop in Algeria, and specific discussions took place concerning the potential technical assistance the IMP-MED project could provide in order to allow Algeria to define their own integrated maritime policy and to be able to play an proactive role in the development of the IMP in the Mediterranean.