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Lebanon and Integrated Maritime Policy

General presentation: Maritime facts

Many maritime issues are important to Lebanon. Although it has a relatively short coastline of 210km, Lebanon now claims both a 12-mile territorial sea and an Exclusive Economic Zone (recently registered with the United Nations in accordance with the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea). The coastal zone hosts four public commercial ports in addition to 29 private ports and port facilities, and maritime transport and ports are a major component of Lebanon’s maritime enterprise both for commercial trade and cruises/tourism. Tourism is also important in the coastal zone, where urban development continues. Other commercially and strategically important sectors include underwater cultural heritage (where Lebanon is known to have a rich resource) and offshore oil and gas extraction (17 potential oil fields have been discovered in the zone between Lebanon, Cyprus and Egypt). Some other sectors remain unexploited with unknown potential (mariculture, offshore renewable energy).

Maritime and coastal assets

Maritime and coastal policies

Outlook on the development of a national maritime policy