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Palestine and Integrated Maritime Policy

General presentation: Maritime facts

Palestine comprises a short coastline at the Gaza Strip, and the land-locked West Bank. The Gaza coastal environment consists of an open coastline of about 40 km in length, without any islands or major reef areas, and made up of sandy beaches with occasional sandstone outcrops. With the exception of the shallow area off Rafah in the south, the shelf slopes gently from the shore to about 100 meters in depth ten nautical miles off the coast.

The Gaza Strip is densely populated, the current population estimated to be in excess of 1.5 million, of which approximately one million are UN-registered refugees. Since the Palestinian legislative elections in 2006 and subsequent conflicts, the de facto governance of the Gaza Strip has been performed by the Hamas administration. Israel exercises military and civil control over various parts of Palestine, including the maritime waters.

Maritime and coastal assets

Maritime and coastal policies

Outlook on the development of a national maritime policy