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Barcelona Workshop on Aquaculture and MSP

3. May 2017 - 12:00
Barcelona, Spain

A Regional Workshop dedicated to the sectors of aquaculture and Maritime Spatial Planning was organised by the IMP Facility for its National Focal Points on May 3-4, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

The workshop featured presentations by international experts and country specific presentations from the national focal points of the ENI South countries.

The aquaculture perspective of the European Commission was presented, as was the strong link of aquaculture with Maritime Spatinal Planning. The key requirements to implement aquaculture within the MSP context were discussed: involvement of stakeholders, application of an ecosystem-based approach, use of the best available data, coexistence of activities, revision of plans at least every 10 years.

Representatives of the Catalonian government and the representative of aquaculture company “Cofradia de Roses“ provided bulk information of governmental/administrative and operational aspects of aquaculture and widened the view of all participants in regard of aquaculture as major activity of blue economy.

On the second day, participants went on a field trip to aquaculture company “Cofradia de Roses“ in the coastal town of Roses, north of Barcelona. After attending a presentation on the general frame under which the company operates, the participants were given to a guided tour through the premises of the company to see the installations for landings, processing and packaging of the products. Later, participants were given the opportunity to board a boat to see the fish cages near the coasts, operated by the Cofradia

The presentations on aquaculture, Maritime Spatial Planning and the Facility project held by various representatives and experts were discussed very vividly by the National Focal Points.