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Project objectives

The figure below presents a concise representation of the contract as per the ToR, as well as a number of cross-cutting actions identified which serve both Work Packages.


The overall objective of the project of which this contract forms a part is to enhance sectorial and cross-sectorial regional co-operation based on EU rules and standards through policy dialogue and exchange of best practices, including providing case studies and desk research, with existing networks of stakeholders in the Southern Neighbourhood.


The purpose of this contract is to strengthen regional frameworks for policy dialogue and experience sharing on Climate Action and Integrated maritime Policy (IMP) / Blue Economy, among beneficiary countries and with the European Union, in the Mediterranean context.


Work Package 1 Climate Action focussed activities

Work Package 2 Integrated Maritime Policy focused activities


  • The target group, through the work of the UfM CCEG, are engaged in a structured dialogue on climate change, addressing both low emission and climate resilient development
  • The preparation or review of technical and financial climate action initiatives, in particular Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), is effectively supported.
  • Mediterranean coastal states and stakeholders are engaged in a structured dialogue on integrated and coordinated approaches to maritime affairs and maritime governance and exchange of best practices.
  • Mediterranean coastal states and stakeholders have developed a common understanding and knowledge of IMP principles and tools, as well as on the benefits and potential of Blue Economy, allowing the identification of priority activities that could promote blue entrepreneurship and jobs creation, both at national and regional level.